Our Products

Innovative Products

EMPEL Systems has developed a family of modular, high performance, high efficiency, multi-voltage and scalable e-motors with innovative fully integrated, lightweight, multi-phase, modular architecture inverters.

Each product maximises the commonality of core systems, parts, tooling, and manufacturing methods to meet the requirements for environmental robustness and durability for a wide range of industries, without significant re-engineering. Our unique, scalable approach enables us to deliver premium specification products rapidly and cost effectively with underpinning quality systems that have been optimised to support from low through to high-volume production and global manufacturing requirements.

EM65 Turbo-eModules

EM65 eModules are designed for use with high-speed turbo-machines in 48V and 400-800V automotive powertrain and aerospace applications.

EM100 Series eModules

EM100 eModules are designed for 30-100kW applications in ultra-compact ~100mm diameter applications where packaging and mass constraints put compactness at a premium. 

EM150 Series eModules

EM150 eModules are designed for a wide range of applications from 50 up to 350kW.

EM200 Series eModules

EM200 eModules are designed for 150-600kW applications, with rotational speeds exceeding 20,000rpm, very high specific power and torque performance and best-in-class efficiency.

EM250 Series eModules

EM250 eModules are intended to power 250 to 1000kW automotive, aerospace and advanced industrial applications up to 18,000rpm, with very high specific performance and best-in-class efficiency.

Custom Motors

At EMPEL Systems we have experience of working with a broad range of customers to deliver world-leading, technologically advanced, electric motors and power electronics.