EM250 Series eModules

EM250 eModules are intended to power 250 to 1000kW automotive, aerospace and advanced industrial applications up to 18,000rpm, with very high specific performance and best-in-class efficiency. All variants are available with optional, integrated, state-of-the-art modular 800V silicon carbide inverter with robust ASIL compatible safety functionality.


  • High performance automotive xEVs
  • Aerospace, defence and marine propulsion/energy management
  • High technology industrial ie. turbo-machinery
Specification EM250x75ValueAdditional Information
Overall casing diameter265mmOver main casing diameter, not incl. fasteners
Overall casing length140mmInverter additional 40mm where fitted
Maximum power @ RPM530kWWith 2×3 Phase inverter, 4×3 Ph 1000kW option
Maximum torque @ RPM350Nm>1000Nm stack packages available
Transient high-overboost options available
Maximum speed17,500 rev/minRated for 10% burst overspeed
Peak efficiency~97%eMachine only, depending on application available over a wide load-speed range
Peak phase current300 Arms/phModular separate inverter system also available
Coolant flow rate10l/minRecommended 50deg.C coolant temp nominal
IP Rating67Ruggedised military grade packages available
Interfaces2x High-speed CAN with XCP, Safety Hardline and twin PWM I/O’s for ancillary controls
*Specifications and values for motors are fully scaleable to suit customer applications. Presented performance is based on a specific machine sizing and rating and is for illustrative purposes only.